How do I register?

Call, come in, or go online to register and enroll in any of our lessons and classes. Lessons are available to ALL.

How long do lessons last?

Lessons may be 30, 45, or 60 minutes. Lessons are divided into 12-week sessions that align with area schools.

How much are lessons?

All lessons are $27/lesson. People enrolling mid-term will be prorated.

what if I cannot afford lessons?

Our mission is to make lessons available to all, regardless of any financial or socio-economic situation. Discounts to lesson fee may occur in a few ways:

1. Merit scholarships which can fully offset the cost

2. Scholarships based on financial need. This could offset lessons as much as 50%. These are offered through City of Dubuque Leisure Services and our private scholarship funds. If you have ANY issue, contact the office.

3. Discounts for families enrolling in at least three different lessons.

If you want to take lessons but are afraid of the cost, call and ask. We want you to be here.

are there opportunities for students to perform?

We try to provide regular opportunities for our students to show their growth throughout the year. We offer recitals at the end of each term, public performance opportunities (like the Farmer’s Market), and special events for students to show off.

do you offer makeups?

We understand that sometimes life gets in the way of going to your scheduled lesson time. You may get sick, have a performance, or have an important family function. We try to offer makeups for as many circumstances as possible, including built-in makeup lessons days each session.

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